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    Project management that goes deep into the workplace

    Companies always have multiple projects running at the same time. Each of these projects interact with each other in a complex way, and failing to address this interaction causes problems. In fact, projects can create tremendous synergy if they function in tandem with one another.

    However, management teams often put off addressing issues with interaction between projects to avoid friction with individual departments, and departments are often unwilling to cooperate with new efforts in order to maintain the status quo. In these situations, consultants are sometimes unable to promote a company’s projects effectively by working only with the management team.

    We support new business efforts and projects effectively by assigning consultants to our the client’s relevant departments in projects, getting deeply involved with our clients, and getting the company as a whole involved.

    PMO service by Rise Consulting Group

    Rise Consulting Group’s PMO service serves to provide strong support for clients through interacting not only with our clients’ management teams but also thoroughly exploring problems in each individual department and acting as a “power source” for both management and operators.

    Moreover, our expert consultants have abundant experience in providing PMO services for a variety of projects including business integration, management reform, establishment of new businesses, and IT system reform. Based on their experience and knowledge, they can support our clients in leading projects to success.

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