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    Overseas expansion strategies that ensure tangible results

    • As the Japanese domestic market grows saturated, many companies are increasingly finding it necessary to expand their business globally.
    • However, many companies have difficulties deciding where and how to expand their business.
    • Our consulting service for overseas expansion covers not only suggestions of how to enter which markets; we fully support not just the development of our clients’ overseas expansion strategy but also the implementation of this strategy, so as to set a clear path for our clients’ next actions and to ensure tangible results.All of our consultation is done from a multilateral viewpoint including when, where, with whom, how much to invest, and using what business model

    Rise Consulting Group’s overseas expansion strategy consulting

    We at Rise Consulting Group develop overseas expansion strategies that lead to tangible results. We find ways to enter overseas markets based on an in-depth strategy and suggest what action you should take next.In order to achieve this, we focus on the following points:

    • Choosing target market and customer by investigating market trends and hearing potential customers’ direct opinions
    • Specifying which field to enter and how by finding a field not covered by existing players through an in-depth analysis of competitive environment
    • Developing feasible revenue models and implementation plans that take into account environmental factors including regulations and business practices
    • Supporting implementation of strategy, including the coordination of cooperation with or merger and acquisition of foreign partners

    Our consultants’ rich knowledge and experience of foreign business will provide you with the support you need to take your first step to overseas success and expansion thereafter.