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    Supporting digital transformation from strategy formulation to execution

    As new services from overseas, armed with cutting-edge technology, continue to dominate the Japanese market, there is a need for companies to promote digital transformation.

    However, if you are driving digital transformation without building a vision of what it should be, assuming legacy systems, and without taking steps to address the talent and knowledge drain, you are likely to be the loser in the digital race.

    For digital transformation to be successful, you need to clearly define the direction you want to go. In addition to renewing the system infrastructure, it will be necessary to reform the organization and restructure operations using digital technology to create a new service and digital model to survive the future digital competition.

    We contribute to corporate transformation by providing consistent digital transformation support from strategy formulation to execution, utilizing our extensive knowledge in a variety of industries to date.

    Rise Consulting Group’s NewTech Consulting

    Based on digital technology, we provide a variety of corporate transformation services to discover, create, and transform new businesses and companies so that our clients can continue to maximize the value of their own businesses.

    Interaction:Designing the best customer experience and maximizing customer value through a combination of digital and real

    Disruption:Constantly monitor trends in the digital world and develop actionable strategies for creating and preparing for new disruptions

    Incubation:Identify and build an ecosystem of domestic and international ventures and growth companies with strengths in technology

    Automation:Dismantling and restructuring the existing value chain to achieve full automation of business processes based on overall optimization

    Transformation:Build an IT infrastructure and development and operation methods to survive in the era of DX, foster a corporate culture that continues to change and grow, and secure a competitive advantage

    Our strength lies in the formulation of strategies and hands-on support for maximizing business value in light of the transformation of existing business structures by giant platformers, which is distinct from the digitalization promotion that focuses primarily on the introduction of solutions.