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    Consulting service for creating the next future

    Recent years have brought great changes to our business environment, such as the saturation of the Japanese domestic market, the evolution of information and communication technology, and the rapid growth of emerging markets. In response to these changes, more and more companies must work to improve their current businesses as well as establish new business strategies.

    We are a group of professionals that can bring your plans to fruition and bring about true results by producing the NEXT move.
    We form a team together with our clients and provide speedy support from the development of strategies to the creation of implementation plans, all in order to produce our clients’ next future.

    Rise Consulting Group’s New Business Consulting

    We at Rise Consulting Group deliver new business consulting services of true value by supporting the planning new businesses with a focus on the realization of success and developing ways of maximizing the value of the business.
    Our service draws a clear contrast with conventional new business consulting services that can only provide paper reports as deliverables. We work to solve all issues involving the start of a new business through careful and detailed planning and implementation, including alliances with partner companies, the construction of IT systems and the design of business processes by making plans in detail.

    In doing so, we put importance on the following points

    • Analyzing the user’s needs from our unique point of view, and discovering “white-space” which competitors can’t achieve
    • Developing original ways of achieving goals while making full use of client strengths
    • Making use of dynamic measures without becoming concerned with clients’ pasts
    • Verifying actual feasibility from various points of view based on our original framework

    Our wide-ranging past successes in supporting the establishment of new businesses speak volumes to how much our service policy can assist our clients in the achievement of their goals.

    We promise you to produce the next future that you are seeking.