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    Mergers and acquisitions as a means of achieving growth strategies

    In Japan, the number of mergers and acquisitions in the 2000s has increased significantly compared to the previous years, except for the downturn caused by the Lehman shock and the Great East Japan Earthquake. In addition, more companies are seeking to innovate by forming capital and business alliances with startups, indicating that mergers and acquisitions have taken root as a means of achieving growth strategies. However, not many companies are able to sustainably increase their market capitalization and performance through mergers and acquisitions. We help our clients develop growth strategies, pre-merger, and PMI to deliver results.

    Rise Consulting Group’s M&A Consulting

    At Rise Consulting Group, we believe the keys to M&A success are "alignment with growth strategy", "setting the right targets", "avoiding overpriced variations", and "integrating strategy, IT, and culture". That is why we do not provide advisory services based on the "product" of the sale of a company or business, but rather support that emphasizes growth strategies and the client's philosophy and values that underlie them. Specifically:

    • Formulate a growth strategy that focuses on market attractiveness and competitive advantage
    • Selecting targets with strengths and assets to establish a competitive advantage in the relevant market (not only targeting the products, but also researching the relevant areas, including startups, in a broad and flat manner)
    • Determining a reasonable purchase price based on having alternative candidates and identifying non-negotiable areas
    • PMI to deliver hands-on style results

    We promise to "create the next future" for our clients in all areas of collaboration with M&A and startups, including in-in, in-out, and out-in, by utilizing our extensive knowledge in the conception and execution of new businesses and the realization of results by supporting overseas expansion.

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