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    Responding to Fintech game changers

    The financial service industry is about to be impacted by sweeping changes due to Fintech. In the near term, we will see substitution of existing services by low-cost alternatives. Over time, we will see new financial services (≒UX) that could not be realized until now. We can help you stay ahead of the race by helping you understand how your company will be impacted by Fintech, and defining the measures to be taken.

    Rise Consulting Group’s Fintech consulting

    Rise Consulting At Rise Consulting Group, we believe that inaction becomes a threat, but staying in front opens big opportunities. That is why we provide consulting services focusing on change; e.g. “Leveraging Fintech to enhance the core business value of a client company”, “Scenario planning to identify mid/long term opportunities/threats, and defining the optimal strategy” and “New business development utilizing Fintech”. We believe Fintech will cause disruptive innovation in areas that have the following characteristics:

    • Service is costly from a user standpoint
    • It is possible to develop a more cost-effective system
    • It is possible to develop alternative revenue sources to user fees
    • It is possible to provide a better UI / UX

    Taking advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience in conceptualizing and implementing new businesses, our promise is the “creation of the next future” in the Fintech realm as well.