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    Maximizing business value through merging of real world and digital world

    Digitization along with other technological progress have profoundly transformed customers purchasing behaviors leading to major changes in the way business is now conducted. Companies are nowadays required to leverage effectively digital tools like e-commerce, mobile devices, IoT, Big Data and analytics.

    In the digital world where changes happen significantly faster than ever before, companies rely on agile methods such as the lean startup model or A/B testing in order to grow their business.

    However, in many cases the operational process, the system and the organization that support the digitization process are being optimized separately with an emphasis on speed. In cases where focus is on digitization only, as for separate optimization, it has become increasingly difficult to achieve short-term results, let alone mid to long-term business value optimization.

    To maximize business value, it is necessary to look at the whole business and to carefully think of how the “real” world and the digital world can be integrated together before reflecting the changes seamlessly on the operational process / system.

    In addition, it is necessary that the PDCA be implemented at an unparalleled speed. For these reasons, leveraging AI appears to be the key to success as it allows to connect the digital world to the real world and to develop businesses at an incredibly fast rate.

    Rise Consulting Group’s Digital Consulting

    Leveraging the experience we’ve accumulated throughout various leading-edge projects with our clients, at Rise Consulting Group we support our clients in formulating company-wide digitization strategies aiming at maximizing business value. Additionally, we also support our clients in formulating and implementing new business plans that leverage digital technology.

    Rather than supporting digitization efforts via mainly the implementation of solutions, our consultants, armed with strong expertise in strategy / operational reform / IT, assist our clients in formulating digital initiatives that focus primarily on the optimization of the whole organization providing our clients with hands-on implementation support to ensure a timely implementation.
    We are offering the following services to our clients:

    • Support in formulating digitization implementation roadmap and launching initial initiatives/ MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
    • Formulation of company-wide digitization strategy based on market analysis, present state analysis and issues identified
    • Planning of new businesses leveraging digital while maximizing synergy with existing business
    • Support in formulating E-commerce strategy and in implementing individual digitization initiatives (implementation of solutions etc.)
    • Development of implementation plan that promotes integration of the digitization process into the “real” business across the entire organization. Overall project management support (PMO)

    Taking advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience in conceptualizing and implementing new businesses, we support our client’s digitization effort by going one step further.