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    Realization of flexible business operations in response to the business environment

    In a rapidly changing business environment, companies are constantly searching for the best way to operate their operations, and this change is a necessary response for customers, shareholders, and employees.

    To transform this business operation, not just improving the flow of work, but a multifaceted approach, including work environments such as workspaces, organization and evaluation, and systems, is essential to success.

    Our business reform service is a service that supports you from planning to establishment of the organization, business process, system, work environment (workspace), etc., to realize the optimal business operation.

    Rise Consulting Group's BPR Consulting

    At Rise Consulting Group, we calculate the effects of your business reform by conducting a survey of the current situation according to your business reform objectives and propose a truly effective reform that takes into account your budget.

    For actual reforms, we can flexibly respond to business and system reforms such as BPR, BPO, and other business and system reforms, as well as NewTech consulting services if the effects of introducing advanced technology are large, and digital consulting services if the room for digital solutions is large.

    Our business reform consulting services provide a one-stop service that includes not only planning but also actual solution selection, new business and system design, on-site deployment coordination, service in support, and post-service inclusion effect measurement.



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