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    PMO support for the next generation system renewal project at a major financial institution

    Background and Purpose of the Project

    The IT infrastructure was challenged by the following "2025 cliff" problem.

    ①Increasingly complex to meet individual business requirements

    ②The data held by the system is scattered around, and the data is not being utilized

    Therefore, in order to renew the IT infrastructure through the renewal of the next generation system, and to permanently advance the digital transformation (DX), we aimed to improve the flexibility of the system development and provide new services quickly

    Overview of Project Activities

    overview of project activities overview of project activities

    Project Outcome

    Defined the vision for the next generation system upgrade project considering the company's vision and DX progress

    Formulate a policy of "initiatives" to realize the goals in consultation with relevant parties

    Conceptualize and operate governance and countermeasure proposals to sustain the architecture of the initiative and the next generation system

    Formulation of a vision, initiatives, and governance plan for the realization of DX to overcome the "2025 cliff" and operation of a long-term project