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    Background and Purpose of the Project

    The client's systems department and related subsidiaries are experiencing an increase in lead time and costs for processing sales paperwork due to differences in operations among domestic sites and the diversification of contracts due to recent environmental changes. Various measures, such as the consolidation of bases, were not having the expected effect

    Therefore, with the support of our company, we implemented a business process re-engineering (BPR) that aimed at the ideal state of affairs, without being confined to the organization, business, and systems, in order to carry out another fundamental reform

    Overview of Project Activities

    overview of project activities overview of project activities

    Project Outcome

    Conducted interviews and analysis of the volume of work for all branches and related offices involved in sales operations, and based on the facts, identified issues in terms of organizational roles, business processes, and systems

    Calculate the effects and costs as five reform themes centered on system restructuring, create a specific response roadmap, and support overall management through internal approval

    From proposing BPR measures that are not confined to the framework of the organization, business, or system, to actual on-site coordination and SI project promotion until service launch