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    M&A-Establishment and promotion support of business management functions

    Background and Purpose of the Project

    The client was a food and beverage chain operating in a specific prefecture with an overwhelming brand power in the same prefecture, but had not been able to fully expand its business to other prefectures

    The investment from the PE fund was an opportunity for the company to further expand its scale of operations and generate profits, but it was difficult for the management team to make prompt and appropriate decisions due to the lack of a business management function in place to achieve this goal

    Against the backdrop of the above, we aimed to build a management foundation for growth by quantitatively visualizing management and developing problem-solving processes

    Overview of Project Activities

    overview of project activities overview of project activities

    Project Outcome

    Setting up a corporate planning function to support management's prompt and appropriate decision-making

    Establish an early issue detection flow by setting and visualizing daily and weekly KPIs

    Support for conceptualization and implementation of IT infrastructure with a view to quantitatively visualizing management

    Contributed to the establishment of a management foundation for growth by establishing a management planning function and a mechanism for early issue discovery