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    Assisting a major Japanese retail financial institution in considering overseas expansion for a business that was difficult to expand overseas

    Background and Purpose of the Project

    Our clients have continued to grow steadily, mainly through their financial business in the wider Asia region

    They are considering overseas expansion of businesses that have been said to be difficult to expand overseas as a means of further growth

    Therefore, in order to examine the feasibility of overseas expansion and new business proposals if it is difficult, we surveyed and evaluated markets in 10 Asian countries and the company's current situation

    Overview of Project Activities

    overview of project activities overview of project activities

    Project Outcome

    Quickly and uniformly research and compare markets in 10 Asian countries

    Understand that it is unlikely that the client will succeed in expanding the business overseas as originally envisioned

    Proposed a smartphone-based financial business proposal and steps to enter the market, which will include a combination of new payment and remittance services that are different from existing services in Japan

    Assess and prioritize multiple markets under clear uniform criteria and encourage a shift to a more successful entry strategy that takes into account the latest developments on the ground