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    Digital Marketing Strategy Support Based on Data Analysis in Suothesast Asia

    Background and Purpose of the Project

    The client was aiming to improve the customer experience (CX) by continuously implementing a marketing PDCA cycle that utilized customer data

    To practice marketing in various countries and regions globally in the future, it was necessary to consolidate data analysis and accumulation know-how and standardize and systematize it

    Against the background of the above, the purpose of this project was to understand customers based on data owned by business units, visualize the customer journey, and develop measures and plans to improve CX

    Overview of Project Activities

    overview of project activities overview of project activities

    Project Outcome

    Analyze data on customer attributes and purchasing behavior to visualize customer images (personas) and customer journeys

    Establishing a process for customer analysis and policy planning until the above can be visualized

    Identify business issues (KPIs) by visualizing the customer image/customer experience (customer journey) and formulate future action plans

    Data-driven customer cluster analysis, persona definition, and customer journey visualization to support digital marketing implementation processes and plans