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    Supporting the verification of the effectiveness of automating the appraisal process using AI image recognition at a major financial institution

    Background and Purpose of the Project

    The client envisioned what 203x would look like and was considering and promoting a paradigm change from a payer model to a partner model using digital technology.

    The company was trying to promote the automation of the appraisal process using AI image recognition in specific business areas, and was investigating the actual status and effectiveness verification to maximize the effect of the entire business process and put it into practical use

    Overview of Project Activities

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    Project Outcome

    Clarify the actual status of the appraisal process through on-site observation.

    Based on the understanding of the actual situation, we calculate the effect of introducing AI solutions and propose issues and measures when applying them.

    Organize the ToBe process based on the above and formulate an implementation plan for nationwide expansion

    Through field observations, the actual status of the appraisal work is grasped and the effect of the introduction of the AI solution is verified, and the first step toward practical application is taken.