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    We, as a business entity which provide consulting service, recognize that protection of personal information is an extremely important and essential social obligation, and are seriously committed to appropriate management of personal information. We hereby declare that we set our privacy policy as follows, with respect of dignity of individuals and compliance to any law or social order regarding personal information protection, and to execute and maintain this policy.

    Personal Information Collection

    We collect personal information by legal and fair means and with the approval of the individual. When we collect personal information, we clarify the purpose of use, and will only use the information according to the purpose. We do not collect information that is likely to harm personal interest, except when there is a clear approval of the customer or the support of law or regulations.

    Purpose of Use of Personal Information

    We collect and use personal information for the following purpose.

    (1) To carry out consulting service for our client.

    (2) To provide consulting service and related information.

    (3) To respond to inquiry or request of disclosure by the individual whose personal information is collected.

    (4) To provide recruitment information to the applicant of seminar or events that we host or are involved

    (5) To use as a reference for our recruitment.

    (6) To use for our human resource management and other day-to-day operations minimally required for our business operations.

    Scope of Use of Personal Information

    (1) Shared use within our company
    We jointly use personal information such as our customer information within the necessary scope to accomplish the purposes stated above.

    (2) To provide to business partners and contractors
    We may provide minimally necessary personal information to our business partners and contractors within the necessary scope for the accomplishment of the purposes of use. In such case, we supervise our business partners or contractors in accordance to this policy.

    (3) To provide to third parties
    We do not provide persona information to third parties without the approval of the individual except for the following cases.

    1.When requested for disclosure under law and regulation.

    2.When necessary to protect vital interest such as someone’s life, health, or property.

    3.When necessary to protect public interest
    We may provide personal information minimally necessary for business conduct to recruitment agent. Recruitment agent are forbidden to use personal information aside from the purpose of business conduct, and will store information in appropriate manner.

    Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    We comply with laws and regulations such as Personal Information Protection Law or Personal Information Protection Management System –Requirement (JIS Q15001:2006) or any other law, standard, and guideline established by administrative agencies.

    Appropriate Management of Personal Information

    We take reasonable safety measures appropriate for our business service and size against the risk of illegal access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage of personal information. When we find necessary to improve, according to recent market or technological trend, cases of accidents of personal information management, or customer request, we will promptly improve our safely measures and will commit to maintaining an effective management system of safety.

    Dissemination and Education

    This policy will be distributed and disseminated to all directors and employees. We also will commit to the education of each and every director and employee to improve the attitude toward personal information protection.

    Disclosure, Correction, Addition, Discontinuation of Use of Personal Information

    If our customer or a representative would request any disclosure, correction, addition, or discontinuation of use (elimination) of his or her personal information, we ask to contact the following contact point. After we confirm you are the customer him or herself or the representative, we will react in reasonable time frame and appropriate range.

    Contact Point regarding Personal Information

    We provide personal information desk and will respond to any questions regarding this policy or any request for disclosure, correction, usage of personal information.

    Rise Consulting Group, Inc. Personal Information Desk

    Email Address:info@rise-cg.co.jp

    Telephone Number :03-6441-2915

    Date of issue: February 1, 2012

    Last Updated: September 9, 2015

    Rise Consulting Group, Inc.

    President and CEO Toshiki Kitamura