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    Rise Consulting Group’s approach to problem solving has 4 characteristics in order to achieve the “true results” that our clients expect.

    Because of the recent remarkable evolution of advanced technologies (NewTech) such as AI, IoT, Robotics, Block chain and so on, our client companies face with necessity of implementing business transformation by innovating their products/services with introducing the evolution or dealing with disruption issues, etc. By focusing on following 4 approaches, Rise Consulting Group continues support of not only planning but also realization of problem solving for a wide range of themes of New Innovation, Business Process Reengineering and IT platform utilizing abundant knowledge and rich experience as to business transformation with NewTech.

    • Hands-on Style

      “Fully resident” business support: getting deeply involved with clients and problem solving in close cooperation

      Rise Consulting Group’s consultants do not only visit our clients but also reside where problem solving is taking place.
      In order to tackle business challenges successfully, it is necessary to shorten the distance between us and the client to as close to zero as possible, to quickly share information regarding issues that are changing day by day, and to work together to implement the solutions.
      By having clients and consultants, each with their own individual specialized knowledge forming a team and solving issues together, our method of problem solving becomes our clients’knowledge and can be used after the project has concluded, thus achieving a rising spiral.

    • Scopeless

      Consultation that is not limited to flexibly handle issues that change day by day

      Rise Consulting Group does not define a scope for its consultation contracts.
      We acknowledge that our clients’ environments change every moment, and that their business challenges are complex and always fluid.In light of this, setting a scope can limit what we can do, and may prevent us from completely fulfilling our objectives.
      We flexibly handle issues that change day by day and do not turn away from unexpected problems.We are committed to bringing a rising spiral to our clients’ businesses, and do not hesitate to get all the necessary people involved in our process.This is why we can successfully solve problems and generate true results.

    • More than Reports

      We deliver not just reports but “true results” through implementation support

      Rise Consulting Group provides consultation services concentrated on the implementation of solutions to clients’ problems.
      Conventional consultation services that pour loads of time and money for reports with hundreds of pages and criticisms, do not help to solve problems.Most consulting firms deliver only reports and do not get involved in the implementation of solutions with clients.
      Our consultation service is concentrated on not just writing reports but on the implementation of solutions.We get involved in problem solving by discussing and implementing our proposed plan for solution with our clients, thus allowing us to deliver true results to our clients.

    • Professionals

      Our professionals from every area of business will become your “right-arm/right-leg” men, and are not afraid to get dirty in supporting your business

      Rise Consulting Group’s consultants of are all superior professionals with specialized knowledge and years of experience in their respective fields.
      Most consulting firms recruit a large number of unskilled or inexperienced consultants or provide consultants from subcontracted companies as their consultants.This often results in a lower quality of service and performance that fails to meet your expectations.
      We carefully recruit only the best consultants. Therefore, only those skilled consultants can get involved in assisting our clients. These professionals become clients’ “right-hand/right-leg” men, are not afraid to take responsibility and, together with our clients, throw themselves headfirst into the implementation of problem solving.