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    The word “Rise” in our company’s name represents our determination to bring about a rise in both our client’s performance and in Japan’s position in the world as a result of our business.
    The path to accomplishing this, however, is not a straightforward one.

    • Without hesitation, getting all the necessary persons involved
    • Building a positive cycle in which one result produces the next
    • Eventually, the clients continue to rise through their own efforts

    The business consultation service we provide supports a spiral-like rise in these ways.

    In order to achieve a continuous upward spiral when our clients’ environments are changing at every moment due to the rapid evolution of advanced technologies (NewTech) and others, it is necessary to shorten the distance between us and our clients to as close to zero as possible, to share issues and risks, and to both present and implement realistic solutions.
    Therefore, we take a strict “Hands-On” style in our consultation service.

    Moreover, our consultation is not just feedback or a paper report.
    By working on projects with our clients without limiting the scope of our service and flexibly handling issues that are hidden at first but emerge as the project proceeds, we implement solutions together with our clients.

    Our service is clearly different from conventional consultation services that only offer reports as a deliverable.
    We provide truly valuable business consultation services for digital transformation utilizing NewTech and a wide range of themes with the implementation of solutions as the deliverable.

    「Produce Next」

    For the revival of Japan, we at the Rise Consulting Group, promise to produce your “next future”.