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    Our Corporate Identity

    「Produce Next」

    For the revitalization of Japan, we strive to provide consulting services concentrated on the implementation of strategy and the “rise” of results and to keep on contributing to producing the “next future” of our clients.

    Our Corporate Logo

    corporate logo

    “We create a spiral in which our clients’ performance can continue to rise.”

    Rise Consulting Group’s corporate logo represents this philosophy.

    Our Spirits

    Our mission is to produce our clients’ “next future” through consulting service and to contribute to the revival of Japan. To achieve this, we form a team with our clients and break the barriers that stand in the way of our clients’ “next future.” In order to realize this goal, all of our members are committed to tackling every necessary task with their full effort. In a rapidly changing environment, we can achieve this with a quality and speed that you have never seen in conventional consulting service. Our corporate philosophy and motto reflects this stance.


    「Produce Next」

    For the revitalization of Japan

    We will produce the "next future"


    Professionalism (Strong commitment to results)

    Speed (Accelerating our clients' business

    Teamwork (Forming a team with our clients)